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G Diaries showcases Guimaras and Iloilo!

When Gina Lopez dreams, she dreams BIG!

G Diaries features her dream of a sustainable Philippines, where humans and nature coexist in healthy equilibrium, where poverty is addressed and alleviated, where dignity is restored, and where the environment thrives.  Gina aspires for the Philippines to become the next Bhutan, one of the few carbon neutral countries in the world. She will introduce Bhutan’s very own Minister of Happiness and will travel to Guimaras, Carles, and Iloilo, her childhood homes, places she is transforming into the next land of happiness. This is a feel good story of Hope and Happiness not to be missed.


Watch this episode on G Diaries on Saturday, July15, 8:30am in ABS-CBN Channel 2. Schedule of replay broadcast on cable Lifestyle Network every Wednesday 9:30pm, Thursday 10:30am, Friday 6:00pm and Sunday 3:30pm and 11:00pm.