G Stories


What is G Diaries?

‘G Diaries’, is a socially significant and entertaining TV series, wrapped in a glossy magazine travel show, highlighting the country’s most scenic destinations in an effort to support eco-tourism.  



ABS’s ‘GDiaries’ is a body of work composed of 13 breathtaking 4K episodes, with a signature prelude film featuring 13 like-minded celebrities, to be aired across 81 provinces and beyond, to over 98 million people of one great nation, The Philippines. Former Secretary of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and former Chair of the ABS-CBN Foundation, Ms. Regina Lopez hosts ‘GDiaries’.  In Ms. Lopez’s original, candid, inspiring and entertaining style, she will take the spectator on her personal GTravels across the country, showcasing nature’s bounty, as much as calling attention to the cause of environmental protection, stewardship, and the people.


‘GDiaries’ seeks not only to entertain viewers and promote the Philippines as a majestic travel destination but also to inform and incite action, so we may all be a part of the collective effort to preserve our environment and bequeath it in its healthiest state to the next generation.