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Surviving Cancer through Gerson Therapy

Our July 29th episode of G Diaries touched on one of Gina's favorite themes, Health and Wellness. Her dear friend, Ching Camara, shared her journey through natural healing in battling her Stage 3-B lymphoma cancer.

Ching's story was truly inspiring. Her recovery was like a miracle! By the age of 16, she got myasthenia gravis which is a neurological condition that caused the collapse of her muscles. She took consistent medication for myasthenia.

It was 2009 when she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma cancer due to the prolonged medication that kept her myasthenia at bay. Her doctor from the US advised her to take Retuximab as a part of a lymphoma cancer treatment.

Fortunately, Retuximab was considered as the top of the line medication for myasthenia that time. Ching decided to follow and just after two doses, she was completely cleared of myasthenia gravis.

She said it was such a miracle. She only had to deal with cancer. She told her husband, Philip, that she will go all the way with Gerson Therapy. And so she did.

What is Gerson Therapy?

The Gerson Therapy is a natural treatment that activates the body’s extraordinary ability to heal itself through an organic, plant-based diet, raw juices, coffee enemas and natural supplements.

With its whole-body approach to healing, the Gerson Therapy naturally reactivates your body’s magnificent ability to heal itself – with no damaging side effects. This a powerful, natural treatment boosts the body’s own immune system to heal cancer, arthritis, heart disease, allergies, and many other degenerative diseases. Dr. Max Gerson developed the Gerson Therapy in the 1930s, initially as a treatment for his own debilitating migraines, and eventually as a treatment for degenerative diseases such as skin tuberculosis, diabetes and, most famously, cancer. (Gerson Institute, 2017)

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Gina intently listening to Ching's amazing story; totally agreeing on the approach she took which is going natural

"I lost a lot of weight but I felt better and better. I felt healthy," Ching recalled, while she shared the details of her 14-glasses-a-day juice diet for 9 months. "When it's high potassium and low salt, the potassium will enter the cancer cells then kill them [right]. So then they [dead cells] will go into the liver. Then you have to do coffee enemas."

What is Coffee Enema?

Coffee enemas are powerful detoxifiers, due to some amazing compounds within the coffee that stimulate the liver to produce Glutathione S transferase, a chemical which is known to be the master detoxifier in our bodies. (Mind Body Green, 2012)

How do we make Coffee Enema?


1.  Add 4 cups of distilled or purified water into a 4 Qt. Pot.  Do not use an aluminum pot. 

2.  Next, add 3 tablespoons of PureLife Organic Air Roasted Enema Coffee, fine grind, into the pot of water and stir it in.   

3.  Place on stove and bring to a rapid boil.  Boil for 5 minutes.

4.  Next, turn the water down to a very low simmer and simmer for another 12 - 15 minutes.  

5.  Remove fron stove and let the coffee solution cool to lukewarm or body temperature.  To speed up the cooling time, you may put the pot in to the freezer for a few minutes.

Note*  If you notice the simmering removed too much liquid, you may add some more purified water to bring the solution level up.

6.  Next, take your enema bucket and tubing and make sure the white clamp on the tubing is shut tightly.

7.  Place a very fine mesh 304 stainless steel strainer over the bucket and pour your cooled enema solution into the enema bucket. Do not use paper coffee filters, as the paper filaments can get into the solution.

*Note: If you purchased a black check flow valve you may want to remove it from tubing, as coffee grounds can clog up the valve and block enema flow.  But if you are able to keep coffee grounds out, then you may be able to use the valve. 

8.   Fill the bucket up to 1 quart at least.  1 Quart of solution provides at least enough liquid for 1 enema.


1.   Hold the tubing over a sink and release the clamp so that a little of the solution runs through the tubing and into the sink.  Then quickly close the clamp again.  Doing this will remove air and air bubbles from the tubing.  This is important to do.

2.  Next, place an old towel on the bed or floor where you will be lying down.  You can cover the towel with plastic sheeting as well. Plastic is easy to clean and wipe up if there is any spillage out.

3.  Next, take the enema bucket to where you will administer your enema into the rectum. 

Hang or place the bucket 16" to 45" above where your bottom will be. The higher the bucket, the greater the flow.

Coffee enemas are usually  administered  lying down on the bed or floor.  But you can also administer it while standing in the shower area, and then moving to the bed to lie down on your right side and hold in the enema  for the required 15 minutes.  

4.   Make sure the tubing from bucket to your body is in a straight line, with no waviness.  Waviness can inhibit the flow. If you have to cut the tubing a little, you can do so.

5.   Lubricate the end of the enema nozzle with olive oil and insert into your rectum.   Do this carefully. You do not want to tear any tissues.

6.  Release the clamp and allow the solution to flow.  When you feel full, shut the clamp. You should not feel uncomfortable.  If you do, then you took in too much solution.

7.  Lie on your right side for 15 minutes if you can, and hold the enema solution in.

8.  When finished holding in enema, go to the toilet and eliminate.

*Note: If you find you are having trouble holding the coffee in during the enema for 15 minutes, then the coffee solution could be too strong for you.  You can dilute the coffee enema by adding water to it, and this will lessen the potency, and you will be able to retain it longer.

(Source: http://www.purelifeenema.com/coffee-enema-recipe/)

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Ching continued, "I would do 4 enemas a day to clean my liver. I did this really for 9 months and at the end of those 9 months, I did a PET scan and I had no more cancer. It disappeared... Until now I'm cancer-free."

Indeed, our body can heal itself. Going natural is going back to the original beings that we are. It seems surprising, having the society that we have, but it is a reality that we should embrace. Taking care of our bodies means loving ourselves.